If you have any Insurance Agencies as clients, see if they utilize their co-op funding. I know that quite often, people associate co-op advertising funding as being available for “physical” products like cars, tractors, windows, carpeting, furniture, and more. Co-op for insurance companies demonstrates that there are also plenty of “service” brands that offer co-op funding to their reseller channels.

Let’s look at the following Insurance Information. Hopefully, this “Information” will give you some ideas on a creative angle for helping your insurance agencies/agents with their advertising campaigns.

Insurance Information

  1. The 8 most frequently purchased insurances are: Car Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Disability Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance.
  2. The number one purchased insurance is Auto Insurance. That is followed by Home- Owners/Rental Insurance and in third place is Life Insurance.
  3. The three states with the most expensive Auto Insurance are: Michigan ($3,785 year), Connecticut ($2,999 year), and Florida ($2,947 year).
  4. The three states with the least expense Auto Insurance are: Maine ($999 year), Idaho ($992 year), and Vermont ($1,053 year).
  5. In 2022, the number of people covered by Health Insurance from their employers sits at around 158,018,100 or 48.7% of the country’s population. The average annual premium for an individual is around $8,400 and $23,900 for a family.

Below are just a few brands that offer co-op funding for Insurance brands:

Brand Name  – Product/Service – High-Level Guidelines

  • Auto-Owners Insurance Company – Property, Casualty, and Life Insurance
    The reimbursement rate is 50%. The accrual fund is earned on premiums written the prior year. Dealer created ads are allowed for traditional advertising. You must use ads from the portal for digital advertising.
  • Grinnell Mutual Insurance – All forms of Insurance
    The reimbursement rate is 50%. Each mutual receives a minimum of $1,000 in co-op funds. Additional funds are earned based on written premiums from the prior year – .31 for Agents and .23 for Mutuals.
  • Rockford Mutual Insurance Company – Home, Business, Farm and Auto Insurance
    The reimbursement rate is 50% unless it is a large format print ad which is 60%. Elite Agents receive $5,000 annually, Preferred Agents receive $3,500, Developmental Agents receive $2,000, Newcomer Agents receive $1,500 and Maintenance Agents receive $1,000 as their annual co-op accrual fund.


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