You can thank your customers for a year of their patronage and let them know you will be there for them in 2021 with a holiday greeting and use co-op funding!

You can send out a Christmas or New Year greeting and mention the brands you carry and include all your pertinent contact information so that can contact you for assistance in 2021 and beyond. A postcard or magnet are great options as your customers can tack them right on their refrigerator, furnace, or any appropriate place so they have your number when they need it!

This works particularly well for HVAC, New Appliance and Appliance Repair businesses, Tire and Auto Repair Centers, Dentists, Doctors, and many more verticals.

To find out more about the brands that offer co-op funding contact us at [email protected] for a 15-minute demo of the Co>Op Connect database and see how you can help your customers with a Holiday Greeting!






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