With the growth in technology and advancements, our lifestyle has changed completely in the last 20 years. Most business owners tend to advertise their business online rather than using the offline medium. Similarly, users search for services and products of interest in search engines rather than looking for stores in their area. Google has changed the way businesses market themselves tremendously. Advertisements on Google can include your business service areas and lead clients to call, visit your website, or come directly to your store (all of which can be tracked).

Individuals can look for close-by businesses on Google Search or Google Maps (for instance a search for “restaurants near me”) will show local search advertisements that are popular and functional in their area.

Before search engines, it was more difficult to find items you were looking for (you actually had to use a print directory), but now Google will lead you to every possible result related to your searches irrespective of users’ locations.

There are tons of advantages of Google local search ads, so here I have listed a few of the potential advantages of Local marketing.

Advantages of Local Advertising

1) Get more store visits

Local search ads can imply that you get more and more people in your area to visit your store. Earlier, people were unaware of their nearby shops and business owners, so they would easily miss those but now with the help of local search ads, people tend to visit their nearby stores more often than ever. This is advantageous for both the consumer and business owner.

2) Get More Calls

These local search ads provide multiple ways for customers clients to do business with you. Local businesses can display their phone number on ads. People tend to verify the businesses located in their area by clicking on the phone number provided on the search results. In this way, they can be sure that the store they are going to visit will be able to better serve them.

3) Help clients know more about your business

Local search ads connect to your website, which can show store hours, address, products, services, client reviews, and pictures of your business. Armed with this information the user can easily get to know about your business in a much more efficient way. This helps in building customer trust. Customers can clear their doubts about the business with the help of these local search ads.
At the point when your prospects scan for any local business or store using their smartphone, your store can easily top the search results. With their mobile phones, the customers can easily reach to your businesses and look for their interest.

The Process of Local Advertising

1) Register your business on Google My Business

You should register on Google My Business and fill in all the details of your business. You should incorporate photos, coupons, videos, products, services, etc. Adding keywords in description fields will also help you efficiently use local advertising.

2) Use Local Search Ads on Google

Running a competitive Google Ads campaign can easily help you use the right potential of local advertising. You can run these campaigns based upon the location of your choice to target more customers and enjoy more sales.

3) Pay attention to the About Us & Contact Us Pages

You can easily target local terms on your About Us and Contact Us pages. You should also provide local business hours, contact info, and directions to let your local search be more impactful in front of potential customers.

4) Let your business be top rated

With the help of good reviews, you can easily boost the online presence of your business in front of local audiences. You should ask your users to rate and review your products and services.

5) Focus on social media

Social media is very powerful to take your local ads to the next level and it will always help you in rankings on search engines. That is why you should always update your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp accounts.

6) Let your business be listed in directories

For effective local advertising of your business, you should get listed on a variety of online local directories. This will help your website get qualified backlinks that will ultimately help in boosting the search ranking of your website. Some of the directories from where you can get citations are Yelp, CitySearch, SuperPages, TrueLocal, Citysquares.com, InfoUSA, BOTW, and Business.com.

7) Show Local Search Ads on Google Maps

When you use local ads on Google Maps, you get the most powerful advertising tool that can efficiently attract all the nearby customers and ensure conversions. While running a local business, it is very important that you use the ad on maps as this will make it easier for the people who are looking for a business like yours in their location. If you run a local business, Ads on Google Maps make it easier for people to get to your location.

How Does This Relate to Co-op Advertising?

All local resellers and distributors are part of some sort of co-op advertising program by virtue of reselling products. A vast majority of these co-op advertising programs reimburse and/or pay a portion of the marketing expenses for their resellers in local markets. By tapping into those co-op marketing funds you can offset some of the expenses for marketing in your local area. Co-op advertising was made specifically for local marketing efforts!

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