There is a multitude of reasons for agencies to subscribe to the Co>Op Connect Advertising Programs database. Let’s start with 4 BIG reasons right now…

Reason 1: Do you represent a large franchise, or do you represent some of their franchisees?

Most franchises require their franchisees to advertise locally. In fact, they may also expect a franchisee to contribute towards the brand’s national advertising campaigns. So how do you get a local franchisee co-op funding?

Well, what do they sell? If we look at franchises like Supercuts or BoRics Hair Care, there is a lot of opportunity for co-op funding from the haircare brands that they sell. Think brands like Redken, Biolage, John Paul Mitchell Systems, etc.

Reason 2: Does your agency represent a large (possibly regional) distributor?

It could be for any type of products – tires, HVAC, Beauty Supplies, and so on. There are many distributors that not only sell to a retailer/dealer network, but to the public as well.

According to the Business Marketing Association, B2B Marketers in the U.S. spend about $85 billion a year promoting their goods and services.

Distributors do earn co-op funding from the manufacturers that they buy from. Help them grow their retailer/dealer network and you will be creating a long-term customer for your agency!

Reason 3: Who does not want new business?

Whether you are pitching a large regional store, with multiple locations, or going after a “mom and pop” business in your own backyard, use Co-op as a sales tool. Researching the products/brands they sell and putting together a well thought out proposal, that can utilize co-op funding, will give you an advantage over other agencies.

Reason 4: Are you looking to become a “Preferred Vendor”?

The Co>Op Connect database has the data for over 8,000 manufacturers/brands. If your product is a great fit, whether it be digital or traditional media options, you may want to present your offering to these various brands. You may be able to work exclusively with these brands to become the Preferred Vendor for their dealer/retailer channel to utilize as they will know your ads are Co-op compliant!

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